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IWLS celebrates its 10th Birthday - 10 Years of Tradition - 10% discount for All Autumn Group Lessons

IWLS celebrates it's 10th Birthday - 10 Years of Tradition - 10% discount for All Autumn Group Lessons

IWLS Language school is celebrating its 10th birthday. Celebrate with us. Take advantage of a 10% discount on all our autumn group courses! You can find a variety of courses at both branches, Anděl and I.P. Pavlova, in our Course Catalogue. The special price for you is 3.300 Kč. The courses last one semester - from the beginning of October to the end of January. Welcome to our school.

Advantages of Lessons in our School:

  • If you miss a lesson, whether it’s due to illness or your work-load, you can substitute the lesson with any other course which runs in the given semester.
  • In the situation where you start a course and you feel that you would like to swap to a higher or lower level, or you would simply like to be with another teacher, which can of course happen, there is absolutely no problem, you can change the course.
  • Our students can pay via Employee Benefit Systems such as:
    • Benefit plus
    • Edenred: Ticket Multi, Ticket Academica, Ticket Compliments, e-Ticket
    • Sodexo Pass: Smart Pass, Fokus Pass, Dárkový Pass, Bonus Pass, Flexi Pass
  • All our prior students are entitled to take advantage of the automatic 15% discount from all our group lessons. The discount can be used for any group course and any number of courses at any of our branches for the given student.
  • After our long experience with public courses, we want to do our best for our students and to find the best level for them. That’s why we have introduced, for levels A1 to B1, another level of language knowledge, PLUS (+). This fits precisely between the two levels. For example, any student who is already better than a complete beginner (A1), but is still not ready for the level (A2) can attend the level A1 PLUS.
  • We are specialists in preparation for internationally recognised exams, A-levels (maturita) and entrance exams for universities or companies. We will help you with all the content connected to these exams, so that you can concentrate only on studying.
  • We fully respect the individual approach to all our students, which is not so easy with a larger number of students. We will listen to you and we will do our best to accommodate specific wishes.
  • Open, modern, international team of teachers – our school adopted what we call an ANTI-DISCRIMINATION CODEX, which is a duty for all of our teachers. Nobody can be persecuted, criticized or discriminated because of their nationality, age, sex, origin, belief, sexual orientation etc. People of various nationalities work at our school, they are open-minded, tolerant and cooperative with others. This makes it possible to our students to work in an open, international, non-prejudiced atmosphere.
  • Our language school is led by a British-Czech team – our five-member British-Czech team connects Czech continental and British traditions. Our British-Czech team chooses teachers appropriate for you and all our teachers have to speak at least basic English, our official company language.
  • Our students are people of all ages. We appreciate all those who study and work by themselves. Age is no limitation for studies. Everybody can manage and improve their knowledge with us.

Our Offer:

  • Group, private, intensive and company courses
  • English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Czech for Foreigners, Hungarian etc.
  • Preparation for internationally recognised exams – CCambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, German, French, Spanish, Italian and other exams of our language selection
  • Preparation for A-levels (maturita) and entrance exams to universities and other institutions
  • We also prepare very demanding students for the highest level of language exams (mostly in private modus or for British A-levels)
  • Lessons for secondary school students
  • Specialised forms of lessons: e.g. German for Employees in Medicine, English and German for Lawyers, Business Language, construction and many other modules
  • We also carry out Language Audits

Our Students can take advantage of:

  • Wi-Fi
  • refreshments
  • studying materials
  • a library of books and textbooks and more
  • with all copies provided free of charge

Teaching Methods:

  • Our British-Czech team connects Czech continental and British traditions even in our teaching methods
  • “Grammar-Communicative Methods” – suitable especially with languages such as German or for the preparation of internationally recognised exams, state exams, A-levels and entrance exams
  • „Just in Life“
  • „Business in Life“
  • „Communication Way“ These methods reflect the necessity of the practical use of the language. They are the connection between studying vocabulary and grammar, and using them practically. The Methods we provide can help you to remove the lack of belief in yourselves and to enjoy communication in a foreign language. The majority of all our lesson is being run in the target language. Recent developments clearly show that it is not easy to retain a job or to find a new, satisfactory job if you do not speak a foreign language, especially English. Investment into your language knowledge is the best investment for your future. Our international team is looking forward to welcoming you to our language school IWLS.